Turkey back in the game!


The year 2022 for Grimaud Freres is also associated with the return of Turkey in the orders of STAR-53 breeders. Our customers, who had restricted their production for a while due to the Covid period, came back in force to renew their breeder flocks and even enlarge them.

This has been possible, it must be said, not only because of the real need for renewal of our duck customers but also because of the conscientious work of our local agent, ,Ertürk Gürer.

Firstly, in June our historical customer KÖY-TAV opened the show. Lately focused on the construction of his own breeding buildings, the customer welcomed the new flock in a brand new building with all the necessary conditions to have the best technical results. Successful delivery and the flock is then in very good hands.

Then Grimaud Freres had the opportunity to deliver its first flock of pekin STAR-53 to its newest customer AYDOĞDU GROUP.

From the left to right: Mr Nihat ÜNLÜ – Köy-Tav CEO, Mr Ertürk GÜRER – Grimaud Freres agent in Turkey, Rıdvan TURAN – Köy-Tav GM, Yoan PRAPEAU – Grimaud Freres area sales manager
From the left to right: M. Ferhat AYDOĞDU – Director, M. Ethem AYDOĞDU – Aydoğdu Grup GM, M. Yoan PRAPEAU – Grimaud Freres area sales manager, M. Ertürk GÜRER – Grimaud Freres agent in Turkey, M. Eser AYDOĞDU – Aydoğdu Grup GM;

The new farm is located 45 kilometers from the city of Adana, and the first buildings were built in record time to start production of meat ducks. The farm is expected to reach its maximum production capacity in 2023. Hopefully soon the famous Adana kebab will be offered to all fans with duck meat too…

2022 ended with another successful delivery for KÖY-TAV. We thank our customers for their trust and we would like to note that Grimaud Freres continues to provide technical assistance to achieve the most successful results possible with the new Star-53 genetics.

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