El Abed has been serving the Egyptian poultry market for over two decades and has been partnered with Grimaud Freres for as many years. Focusing on raising the best duck possible, we have become Egypt’s number one duck provider. With our products sold through every major retail outlet, they can be found in over 2000 stores across Egypt.

We attribute this success to using the best genetics, a 100% vegetarian diet, and ethical farming – producing a cage free, hormone free, and antibiotic free product. With a goal to expand into exporting high-quality duck meat and duck byproducts across the globe, we hope to double production in the next few years.

With ongoing heat waves for the majority of the year, our birds struggle with heat stress. Yet we find the Grimaud Freres bird to be quite durable under such heat, reaching and maintaining production in the 90-95% range for several weeks. This durability extends to the birds’immunity which withstands the various poultry illnesses present in Egypt.

These are just a few of the benefits of using Grimaud Freres genetics. The most impactful benefit is the close relationship developed by their team, that are always available to guide us with technical questions and provide guidance on the best and most successful industry practices. Not to mention their willingness to provide parent stock on short notice (sorry planning department!)

With Grimaud Freres by our side with knowledge and expertise, and with their top tier, fast—growing birds, we can focus on growing and bringing every Egyptian home high-quality duck meat.

Nasser Ramsis El Abed,
CEO El Abed Farms

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