BETTER THAN AUSTRALIA GP (and it is not Formula 1)


Better than a Formula 1 champion taking part in the Australian GP on March 14, 2024, Grimaud Frères has delivered GGP eggs to Australia.

In january 2024 our long-standing partner pepe’s ducks pty ltd received a shipment of ggp star 53 eggs it had been waiting for years. This shipment was made possible by the containment of avian flu in France (see our article HIGHLY PATHOGENIC AVIAN INFLUENZA A SUCCESS FOR VACCINATION IN FRANCE).

Pepes Ducks PTY LTD has opted for Grimaud Freres’ heavy strain, which will reach body and breast meat weight targets at an earlier age, thus reducing the feed conversion ratio.

Ultimately, this means that we can also supply Grimaud Freres genetics fans in South-East Asia from Australia besides France.

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