Weezyou, the service platform for animal production, is moving forward to meet the needs of duck breeders even better! For those of you who don’t know Weezyou yet (it’s a mistake!), it’s a free platform that offers a multitude of contents and services dedicated to breeders of different species (ducks, rabbits, pigs, pigeons, guinea fowl…. and soon many others!)

In order to address the daily issues of duck farming and to provide advice and services to farmers worldwide, Weezyou will soon host more than 150 contents in around 10 languages. Breeding advice, tutorials, training, remote support and online services, the Weezyou platform brings you a wide range of tools to help you in your daily quest for performance and results.

The website will soon be completely redesigned to improve the online experience and allow any breeder to have access to an impressive amount of free content and services. You can visit the platform and the various content and services available now by visiting weezyou.com.

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