Development in Vietnam

Following the negative effect of ASF in 2019, as in other countries, Vietnam had developed too quick and too
much the poultry production which created problems of over supply of its products in the entire the country.

In combination with the Covid 19, appearing hard environment of high temperature which had never happened in the last
64 years to put the poultry farmers in a critical condition – crisis of very low market price, diseases coming from hard environment and Covid19 effects. The only way to overcome these difficulties is to restructure the animal husbandry. Industrial productions have to pay more and more attention on the three keys factors: genetics, feed and the rearing technologies.
To meet this urgent demand of high quality duck genetics, Grimaud Vietnam upgraded its STAR 53 to improve from 150 to 300 grams of body weight to help farmers to reach the slaughtered size in Summer. In addition, we apply high technology in hatchery to produce the 100% clean and free diseases ducklings in our first industrial hatchery in Dong Nai as well as from a second Grimaud Vietnam new hatchery in Ha Noi.
After the floating season in the Center, Grimaud’s third hatchery in Da Nang will be created within end of this year. Thanks to this facility, farmers in this region will have the opportunity to be supplied with the “local” high quality duck genetics STAR 53 which never happen in the history.

Bui Van Nhac

General Manager, Grimaud Vietnam

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