Renewed collaboration with Villa Germania Brazil

Grimaud Freres is happy to announce the renewal of the commercial relation with Villa Germania. Grimaud Freres has been collaborating with Villa Germania for 20 years.

Due to the limited local duck market in Brazil and after facing some difficulties on duck meat exports, Villa Germania found internal resources to adapt its capacities and to rebound their business. Therefore, Grimaud and Villa Germania have relaunched their cooperation through the placement of breeder STAR53 ducks in Villa Germania facilities.
Thanks to all sanitary controls and farms and hatchery official sanitary agreements of its facilities, and after a long and very complete process, Grimaud Freres has been able
to complete all requirements and procedures for being able to export its breeders to Brasil.
We wish great success of Villa Germania in the actual situation not so easy with COVID 19. Grimaud Freres is following up the technical performances of Grimaud
STAR53 ducks thanks to the help of Sophie Evesque, Export Technician. For now, the ducks are doing well and started laying few weeks ago.
Below the delivery of STAR53 Pekin ducks breeder at Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo – Brazil.

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