our history

Over 50 years of development!


The Grimaud brothers start breeding Muscovy ducks.


Start of duck genetic selection with the National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRA), Start of goose production and selection.


Start of pigeon selection.
Start of Pekin duck and Mule duck selection.


Grimaud Frères is granted its 1st ISO 9001 certification.


Establishment of Grimaud Chengdu in China.


Establishment of Grimaud Putian in China.


Creation of the Grimaud Vietnam in Vietnam.


Innov’Space Award for innovation in duckling beak treatment.


Implementation of the RFID food control system in duck selection centres for consumption index selection.


Start of the “bright eyes” selection characteristic for the supply of autosexing strains.


Implementation of the duck carcass measurement system using a CT scan for the selection of fillet and magret yields.
Creation of Grimaud Shaanxi in China.


Innov’Space Award for innovation in duckling claw treatment.


First results of in ovo sexing work on Muscovy and Mule ducks. Objective: to mechanise the method so as to only incubate animals destined for sale.

Sommet d’Or Award, in the in ovo sexing of Muscovy and Mule ducks category.

Innov’Space d’Or Award for 100 best innovations over the last 25 years: Innov’Space d’Or 1 star Award for Beak Treatment in 2007.

Grimaud Frères Sélection and its subsidiaries produce more than 2 million breeding ducklings and more than 50 million commercial ducklings, for a combined turnover of more than €70 million.

On the strength of its R&D and technical innovations, Grimaud Frères is launching its new strategy, which focuses on all the services striving to promote animal welfare and working comfort for the breeder with the launch of its Ethical Range. This new strategy is accompanied by a change of logo signed “Caring for Life”.

Logo du groupe Grimaud

Grimaud Frères,the pigeon and waterfowl subsidiary of Groupe Grimaud

Sends animals resulting from its genetic selection all over the world.

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