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Satisfying animal welfare and breeding comfort.

Advice For Breeders

In order to support the distribution of its products throughout the world, Grimaud Frères has chosen to set up a technical sales team, specialised and trained in the breeding of each of its products.

This team, at the service of and close to customers, is fluent in several international languages for an optimal understanding of customer requirements. Based on your needs, it calls upon the specific skills found within the company in the fields of breeding, reproduction, insemination, incubation or fattening of commercial products. Advice can also be given on nutrition or veterinary issues. Specific expertise across the board is also provided for ducks, geese and pigeons.

Regular analysis of technical data and observations is carried out to enable the precise adjustment and updating of essential technical recommendations for each Grimaud Frères product. The technical sales team provides continuous feedback to the Grimaud Frères Research & Development team.

Our main mission: the optimal expression of the genetic potential of Grimaud Frères products.

Animal welfare

In parallel with the marketing of our breeding products and commercial birds, we propose and advise, on a case-by-case basis for species, regions and countries, vaccination of our products from the time of birth. This service is carried out by qualified personnel under controlled conditions. Some examples of the vaccines used: Parvovirosis, Derszy, Newcastle, Marek, Gumboro diseases etc.
Our technical teams will be there to advise you.

A practice used for many years at Grimaud Frères, waterfowl beak treatment is a service that has revolutionised the organisation and practices of our chains. This infra-red technique makes it possible to block the cellular development of the tip of the bird's upper beak, in order to limit the risk of nipping, as well as pecking and cannibalism. This service is virtually systematic in French and foreign sectors.

The benefits of beak treatment :

  • No wounds so no contamination,
  • No re-growth,
  • Improved zootechnical results,
  • Improved animal welfare.
A practice that has been used for several years at Grimaud Frères, claw treatment in day-old waterfowl is an essential part of the organisation and practices of our chains. This technique using an electrical beam makes it possible to block the cellular development of the tip of each of the bird's claws, which greatly reduces the risk of nervousness in the animals, possible injuries to other birds and protects animal handlers. This service is increasingly used by French and foreign chains.

The benefits of claw treatment :

  • No wounds so no contamination,
  • No re-growth,
  • Improved docility in animals during handling,
  • No injury to breeders during handling,
  • Improved zootechnical results,
  • Improved animal welfare.

A technique imported from the Netherlands, this is a customised service that is used before delivery depending on the products and destinations. It allows day-old birds to be given the best possible conditions for a good start. This preparation guarantees the birds’ hardiness and homogeneity on arrival at our breeder customers' farms.

The process consists of placing the birds, from birth, in ideal starting conditions. The system provides a very large space for the animal, in an environment where temperature, ventilation, lighting, feeding and watering are strictly controlled in order to maximise the birds’ potential for weight gain and homogeneity. This service improves the zootechnical performance of the animal.

Grimaud Frères is the first breeder in the world to have developed a method of multi-strain in ovo sexing in Muscovy and Mule ducks.

In ovo sexing allows the sex of the duck in the egg to be defined in a non-intrusive way before 10 days (at 10 days the embryo is considered to be sentient).

The LUNIX TM by Grimaud Frères in ovo sexing technique came to be thanks to the pooling of the company's selection and hatching know-how with that of a partner specialising in egg processing, leading to an in ovo sex determination using a solution based on Artificial Intelligence.

Based on scenarios in the form of algorithms, Artificial Intelligence technologies enable systematic eye colour recognition in ducklings while they are still in the embryonic stage. Specialists in the profession can distinguish the males (with dark eyes) from the females (with light eyes).

The powerful Artificial Intelligence tool constantly analyses the eye colour variations it collects in order to enhance its knowledge, precision and reliability.

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