Grimaud Frères accompanying the development of Villa Germania in Brazil

Villa Germania Alimentos S.A. is the duck leader producer in Brazil with a constant development in its local market as well as for export markets in South America, Middle East or even Asian markets.

Villa Germania is insuring its development with the Grimaud STAR 53 duck genetic with a new successful breeder placement at the end of 2021.

Thanks to proper technical conditions and good local feed given to the birds, the company is expressing all the genetic potential of the STAR 53 breed with very good laying performances, over 90% laying rate, during most of the laying period, and with fast growth and good FCR at the broiler level.

 Grimaud Frères is very glad to accompany Roderjan Andrino de Souza, Medico Veterinario in charge the live production in the company and all Villa Germania production team with its STAR 53 genetic for many years, for insuring the development of duck production of the company.

The collaboration between the 2 companies will continue increasing for accompanying the success of Villa Germania Alimentos S.A.!

STAR 53 duck breeder at rearing stage in Villa Germania facilities, with Roderjan Andrino de Souza, Medico Veterinario in charge of production, and a supervisor of the breeder farm, visiting the young breeder flock.

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