Pekin ducks resultats by Ustrasice

Every year Grimaud Frères carries out a test of its Pekin meat products with the partner Ustracise based in the Czech Republic. The main idea is to compare our commercial products (CS) with each other but also to compare them with the products of the competition available at the time of the test.

This year, we conducted a comparative test with 1100 subjects divided into 3 products:

– The STAR 53 Medium (300 subjects)

– The STAR 53 Heavy (400 subjects)

– The CHERRY VALLEY product (400 subjects)

The animals were distributed in several pens and were weighed at 1, 21, 35, 42 and 49 days of age. The feed consumption per pen was also recorded in order to measure the feed efficiency over the whole period. The averaged results are shown in the following table:

BW1 BW21 BW35 BW42 FCR
STAR 53 MEDIUM 53 1251 2462 3289 2.17
STAR 53 HEAVY 58 1186 2472 3403 2.24
CHERRY VALLEY 55 1285 2534 3365 2.24

The competitor strain is between our 2 products in terms of live weight at 42 days.

The indexes are comparable to the competition but at equivalent weights our strains are better.

The animals were also reared at 49 days of age for STAR53 Medium, STAR 53 Heavy and Cherry Valley with respective weights of 3 772g, 3 945g and 3 887g.

No significant difference was observed between the 3 products regarding the mortality rate during the whole rearing period.

The test seems to have been carried out under good conditions and brings convincing elements that meet our expectations.

Our STAR 53 MEDIUM is well positioned. With a slower growth, it can meet the needs of those who want a product with more meat at equivalent weight and with more interesting yields at the same weight.

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