Initially launched for Grimaud Frères’ international customers in the fall of 2021, more than 50% of you have now created your account on the Weezyou.com platform and regularly visit it to take advantage of the advice and services offered!

A dynamic platform:

With more than 40 articles, video tutorials, podcasts and documents put online this year, you approve of the platform’s dynamism and the range of topics covered around duck breeding.

New services have also been created, including a remote consultation service with our experts and the planning of field interventions.

Expanded expertise!

On the strength of this success, Groupe Grimaud has extended the services and advice it offers in several languages and for several species, notably with the launch of the Hypharm Weezyou (rabbits) and Choice Weezyou (pigs) platforms, all of which can be accessed from the www.weezyou.com portal.

Weezyou will also enrich its content in the coming months by integrating advice and expert services offered by Grimaud Frères’ partner companies in order to cover a maximum number of fields of expertise, such as a real marketplace dedicated to duck breeding.

These services include monitoring tools, training, e-learning and audits of farm buildings.

By bringing together a network of partners, the Weezyou platform connects internationally the best expertise available for a given species in one place. Each member of the platform benefits from the richness and diversity of breeding techniques and tools observed around the world.

If you haven’t already done so, become a free member: www.weezyou.com

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