After the tremendous Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza contamination (HPAI) appearing in all European countries at the beginning of this year, destroying big numbers of breeders in each market, it is time from the 2nd trimester to repopulate gradually each farm and each company with Parent Stock ducks in order to insure the future production of Commercial Stock day-old birds.

In this contamination touching also strongly the french territory, and mainly the big area of duck production of the country, Grimaud Freres was able to save 100% of its selection and Grand-Parent Stock Pekin ducks from this HPAI episode. The Grimaud genetic is not stronger than any other genetic against bird flu, but these strategic Pedigree and GP farms were located in isolated area, far enough from the main area of duck production in the country. In that way, all genetic resources have been saved and can fully contribute to the repopulation in duck breeders in Europe.

In this condition, Grimaud Freres could satisfy the demand in STAR 53 PS ducks for many clients and many countries for repopulating the different market needs in a short term.

Other continents were also strongly affected by HPAI during 1st semester of the year, such as North America for example, with similar production losses and production planning disorders as in Europe. Farms of origin and a specific hatchery being also located in isolated areas in France give possibility to Grimaud Freres to export its breeder ducks to North America or Asia without continuously during this period, export being done from HPAI free zone from France, for the countries accepting this rule of regionalization in their importing policy.

On top of developing strategic PS STAR 53 distributors in Australia and Canada to insure a regular availability of breeder ducks to most of the countries, Grimaud Freres is also having a strong sanitary strategy in France to protect its selection and breeder production, to bring the best security of supply to its clients.

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