New Parent Stock Star-53 delivery in Russia for Plemreproduktor Zelenchukskii

As mentioned above, Grimaud Freres has been very proud to announce the relaunch of our PS Pekin deliveries for our historical customer Plemreproduktor Zelenchukskii following the avian flu outbreak that struck his farm in September 2020.

The situation was quite complicated and the new flock was long awaited in Zelenchukskii’s duck farm.

Our delivery took place with a rather unusual and rarely known change of situation: the plane of the flight Paris – Moscow experienced technical problems and had to return to Roissy – Paris.

Moreover, despite 52 hours of transportation between our hatchery and our customer’s farm, we only deploy 2.5% mortality, which once again demonstrates the quality of our ducklings and our professionalism in preparing such shipments.

Grimaud Freres will continue accompanying his customer, all along the production period with regular visits as well as through technical data exchange on regular basis in order to obtain the best technical performances.

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