Dr Alice Ghibaudo participating to APVA conference in Australia


On February 11th, Dr Alice Ghibaudo, Veterinary in charge of sanitary policy in Grimaud Freres company, was invited to participate to the APVA conference in Australia.

This conference was organized by 2 Australian associations, the “Commercial Poultry Veterinarians” and the “Australian Veterinary Poultry Association”. This event was shown by visio system considering the actual situation with the limits of movements between countries.

Many vets from Australia and worldwide are presenting their expertise on different topics during the 2 days conference. Dr Alice Ghibaudo made a presentation on global  duck diseases, with a detailed description and illustrations of each disease.

The presentation was very much appreciated by all the attendees. Dr Alice Ghibaudo and Grimaud Frères were very honoured being invited for this conference and we thank the organizers.


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