Sexing in egg : a world first for ducks by Grimaud Frères!

From January 2023, 100% of our Mule ducklings will be sexed in the egg!
Our Lunix technology based on the detection of the difference in eye colour between males (dark) and females (light), using cameras and artificial intelligence, is currently in the industrialisation phase. The year 2021 was devoted to finalising the R&D and specifications of the machine, which will have to operate at high speed. Work has also begun on adapting the hatchery premises. The installation will be completed in the end of 2022.

The aim is to sex 50% of incubated eggs by December 2022 and to ramp up to 100% of our production in the first half of 2023.

Muscovy hatching eggs will start to be sexed during 2023.

Grimaud Frères always seeks to offer the best innovations for the duck industry.

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