With the severe ravages of Covid-19 in the last two years, all aspects of social life have been negatively affected worldwide. Same consequences for agriculture, but, since 2022, thanks to the development of vaccines, treatments, changes in habits to adapt to the new lives of people and the self-decline of the viruses, hopefully normality will soon be back.

All schools, restaurants, tourism, … will soon be reopened country by country. With this trend, food consumption will increase. To meet this demand, Grimaud Vietnam has invested in the expansion of its hatchery in Ha Noi to double its capacity. Along with the development of new genetic lines – the STAR 53 Medium and Heavy which are the first ones to come out of the genomic selection program to meet the increasing consumer demand.

With a new production capacity of 200,000 ducklings per week, GVN will reach about 30% market share in northern Vietnam and contribute to the development and industrialization of duck breeding in the country for years to come. 

Bui Van Nhac, CEO Grimaud Vietnam

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