The GF R&D team attended the 26th World’s Poultry Conference which took place in Paris at the Congress Center.  

Initially planned in 2020, this major event was postponed twice, because of the sanitary crisis due to COVID-19. Different components of sustainability of Poultry production was addressed and some cuting-edge topics such as environmental impact, microbiota, One Health-One Welfare, evolution, biotechnologies as well as ethic.

It was also the opportunities for GF R&D team to exchange the latest news with geneticist of others company, SYSAAF members, Euralis Gastronomie partners, Feed company or customers with the notable  presence of John Houston CEO of Australian Pepe’s Duck Farm. This one, Karen Gao (Poultry veterinarian) et Tamsyn Crowley (Director of Poultry Hub Australia) were also presented at this congress after having spent several days visiting our company the week before.

It was the opportunity to exchange on various sanitary aspects, to share our technical knowledges by visiting our Pekin PS farm in Vernantes and to plan our next GP shipments in order to make Pepe’s benefit from our most recent genetic progress in Pekin duck.

John Houston ( Pepe’s Duck), Tamsyn Crowley (Poultry Hub Australia) & Guillaume Le Mignon

Caroline Molette (Euralis), Typhanie Ruer (Grimaud Frères) & Julien Arroyo (Euralis)

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